Volunteering opportunities


Wellbeing Volunteers

We are looking for people who are able to assist us at our Wellbeing Groups in Truro and Falmouth. This involves facilitating the activities happening, chatting with clients and generally offering support and encouragement to those in recovery.

One to One Befriending Volunteers

This project is currently on hold due to lack of funding

We are looking for people who are able to:

  • Spare one hour or more a week,
  • Offer a listening ear,
  • Support someone who is recovering from a mental health difficulty.
  • Encourage and support someone to access facilities and events in their local community.

Befrienders are people who are caring, tolerant and patient.

The time that volunteers give is flexible – it will depend upon the needs of the person whom the volunteer is befriending plus what time the volunteer has available; the usual requirement is between one and two hours per week. All volunteer / client contracts are arranged to offer the help and support needed in the most effective way, and to do this the scheme must consider not only the needs of the client but also those of the volunteer.

As with every other type of job, people leave to take up employment, other interests, meet other commitments and have a rest – the scheme is constantly recruiting new volunteers.

Volunteers are offered an extensive training programme. All new volunteers go through a basic induction course and are offered ongoing support and training as well as regular supervision with the co-ordinator, who is always available to talk through any issues that may arise.

Other Volunteering opportunities

There are many other opportunities to contribute to the organisation

  • become a Trustee and help plan and oversea the future work and development of Carrick Mind.
  • help to fundraise.
  • help to promote Carrick Mind and challenge the stigma and discrimination that still surrounds mental health.
  • help campaign on mental health issues.
  • help with administration in the office.
  • contribute to the quarterly newsletter
  • and much more!!

Interested in finding out more then please email Jo Boulton at jo@carrickmind.org.uk or ring 01326 617220

If you wish please complete the application form below –